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PBA members’ response during Hurricane Sandy

Monday, October 29, 2012

The PBA is proud to represent the police officers of the New York State University Police, the New York State Environmental Conservation Police, the New York State Park Police, and the New York State Forest Rangers who are an integral part of New York State's preparation and response to Hurricane Sandy.

All of our members working in these positions are directly involved in New York State’s preparation and response to this massive storm, which officials are describing as "the storm of a lifetime". The coming days likely will have our members risking their lives and using their high level of expertise helping motorists, residents, hunters, and hikers stranded in their vehicles, homes, and wilderness areas.

The PBA wishes the safest possible outcomes for those in harm’s way, and that certainly includes the thousands of public safety professionals, including our very own members, who will risk their lives to come to the aid of those who are in so need of it.   We encourage everyone to make the most prudent decisions possible and to heed the warnings of government officials and the media, and we can get through this challenging time together.