Officer Memorial

Police Officer Gary Barreira

NY State Park Police- NYC Region

Police Officer Gary Barreira, a US ARMY Airborne Military Police veteran was sworn into the NY State Park Police on November 12, 1992, joining the academy session specifically for NYC’s Riverbank State Park. Gary a gruff speaker but a sweet heart of a guy, graduated with over 60 other officers. Gary proved himself helping to transform West Harlem, at the height of the crack epidemic into a family neighborhood it is today. Gary was well respected and loved by his peers, bosses, park staff members & patrons. He was the regional safety officer, quartermaster and assigned to Marine Unit as one of the operators. 

On September 11, 2001, Gary was the primary Marine Patrol Operator for the NYC Region. He was responsible for transporting over 100 New Jersey Firefighters from Liberty State marina to the North Side Marina, opposite the remains of the World Trade Center. Gary and members assigned assisted the NYPD Harbor Unit with security patrols and the movement of Members of Service around the security zone established by the US Government. Besides operating the police boat 12 hours a day, he also participated in the search and rescue, later recovery operations at WTC, Ground Zero. During the subsequent year of 2001 into 2002, Gary participated with security detail at the northwest entrance into the exclusionary zone along the Westside Highway at Hudson River Park. After being struck by a motor vehicle, unrelated routine testing led to Gary being diagnosed with lung cancer. After putting up a valiant effort, supported by his wife, son and friends, Gary lost the battle on July 21, 2014. Gary was a devoted family man is survived by his wife Maire and his son Anthony. They were always an inspiration to Gary and will always be part of the New York State Park Police Family.

We will always remember and never forget you. Thank you for your service, we shall carry on in your memory.