Officer Memorial

Lieutenant John C. Fitzpatrick

State Environmental Conservation Officer - Assigned to New York City

Died on May 7, 2014

The NYS DEC Division of Law Enforcement lost one of their brightest and most dedicated this May.  

Lieutenant John C. Fitzpatrick graduated the DLE’s Basic Academy in 1996 and served for the past seventeen years in New York’s Region 2, which encompasses New York City.  He served as a uniformed officer, an Investigator, a Uniformed Lieutenant, and finally as an Investigative Lieutenant for the past four years.  He was considered to be the Department’s foremost expert on the illegal endangered species trade and has made a myriad of important cases in significant environmental crimes and wildlife trafficking.

His particular passion was the black market elephant ivory trade and he recently concluded a successful investigation and prosecution of several prominent retail stores in Manhattan’s swanky Fifth Avenue district.  One case involved the seizure of over 2,000 pounds of ivory worth 2.4 million dollars.  These investigations highlighted New York City’s significant role in the world’s illegal elephant ivory trade.  As a result, John was asked to testify before the NY State Assembly in January where he outlined loopholes in state law governing ivory sales and suggested improvements to cut down on the illegal trade.  (information on that piece can be found by clicking this link).  Due in part to John’s work and subsequent testimony New York is contemplating upgrading penalties for violating wildlife crimes and rewriting their ivory regulations to further restrict the sale of elephant ivory.  

John was known among his many friends and colleagues as a brilliant, utterly dedicated and skillful investigator, as well as an inveterate prankster and wonderful friend.  The loss of his expertise, enthusiasm, and experience will be felt by the Department for years to come.  John is survived by his loving wife Elizabeth and their 3-month old daughter, Danielle, who was the light of his life and the first person who could distract him from the passion that was his career. 


The Police Benevolent Associaiton of New York State (PBANYS) has initiated a trust fund for Elizabeth and baby Danielle.  

Anyone wishing to contribute to this fund may do either of the following:

      Mail a check to:  The Family Assistance Fund of the PBA of NYS, Inc. 11 North Pearl Street, Suite 1200, Albany, NY 12207   Attn: Danielle's Trust.  The check should be made payable to "The PBA of NYS, Inc."  Please ensure your contact information is enclosed that we may contact you in the event of a question regarding your donation.

      Make an electronic donation via Credit Card:  Please click the Donate link below to be directed to our secure payment system and complete all the information requested.  Please provide all the correct information that we may contact you in the event of a question regarding your donation.  NOTE: you do not need to have a PayPal account to complete your donation.  Once you open the donation screen, simply click on the 'Continue' link above the credit card icons.

Online Donation

Thank you in advance to all those who care so deeply for John's family and for your generosity.

Lt. Fitzpatrick’s funeral was attended by nearly half of New York’s Conservation Officers, as well as many other law enforcement agencies, friends, and family. 

The New York State Environmental Conservation Police Pipe and Drum Corps, along with pipers from the New York City Police Department, commemorated the passing of Lt. John C. Fitzpatrick. 



In addition to donations above you may also contribute by attending or sponsoring an annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser organized by a very dear friend of John's.   Click here for details.  Proceeds from this event are also contributed to baby Danielle's Fund.