Officer Memorial

Game Protector John H. Woodruff

State Game Protector - Assigned to Schenectady County

Missing in the line of duty November 27, 1919 - Body found April 3, 1921

On Thanksgiving Day, 1919, Protector Woodruff bid his wife goodbye from their Scotia home, proceeded to patrol in and around Schenectady County. She was the last know person to see him alive. When he did not return home an intense search went on to determine his whereabouts. Since he could not be found, it can be assumed he must have been far from his patrol vehicle. After a time the search was discontinued with Protector Woodruff's fate remaining a mystery.  On April 4, 1921, nearly a year and one-half after he disappeared, Protector Woodruff's remains were found in a shallow hole of a creek bed by a local resident and his revolver was missing. his skull had been crushed by a heavy weapon in the hands of a powerful man according to the coroner. Due to the lenghty time lapse, Game Protector Woodruff's murder has never been solved.