Officer Memorial

Game Protector Samuel S. Taylor

State Game Protector - Assigned to Madison County

Died in the line of duty on April 5, 1914

Fatally shot by game violators while attempting to arrest them for shooting song birds.

In the Fourth Annual Report of the Year 1914 for the Conservation Commission, the following resolution passed by the Division Chief Protectors in Albany on April 21, 1914 was published:

"Whereas, the wise hand of Providence has seen fit to remove from our mist, our highly esteemed and resepcted Game Protector, Samuel S. Taylor, of Madison County, while in the performance of his duty; and

Whereas, this faithful servant of the State, while apprehending two foreigners in the act of slaughtering our song birds and while attempting to arrest the offenders, met his death at the hands of two assassins; now therfore be it resolved, that we, the Division Chiefs of the State of New York, sadly deplore the loss of our dearly beloved brother Protector, and extend our regret and sympathy to the parents of Protector Taylor in their sad hours of affliction; also be it resolved that a copy of these resolutions be extedned to his parents, and also that a copy be placed upon the minutes of this meeting."