Officer Memorial

Game Protector Paul J. DuCuennois

State Game protector - Assigned to Washington County , Appointed May, 1932

Died in the line of duty October 16, 1932

Born December 8, 1910, Game Protector Paul J. DuCuennois was 21 years old at the time of his appointment. He was a very enthusiastic Game Protector who worked in a remote area. After only a few months of duty Protector DuCuennois had been receiving threats from violators. On October 16, 1932 Protector DuCuennois was patrolling Jabes Pond by canoe, a remote body of water four miles from Hague, that could only be reached at the time by traversing a rough wilderness trail. For some unknown reason, Protector DuCuennois fell from the canoe. Although he was known to be a strong swimmer, he drowned. During this short career, Protector DuCuennois gained wide respect and admiration for his devotion to duty.

The 1932 Conservation Department Annual Report to the Legislature states; "Mr. DuCuennois had proved himself an alert and valuable Protector." One May 19, 1963 in the lobby of the newly created District Headquarters of the Conservation Department in Warrensburg, a bronze plaque was dedicated to this fine young Game Protector.