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Real-Time Action Update for 7/19/11

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 19, 2011: The following will update members of the Agency Law Enforcement Services (ALES) unit regarding the status of the election being conducted by the New York State Public Employment Relations Board.

The PERB has determined that it will not be transmitting ballots to the ALES membership and will be pursuing an alternative election process. Under state law, PERB has the authority to certify a bargaining unit under the following conditions: A majority of ALES unit members have indicated by submitting decertification cards their preference of a representative; and These results are certified by the full PERB Board. The Police Benevolent Association of New York State submitted 595 cards on May 6 and supplemented its submission with an additional 193 cards on June 6. The total, 788, is far in excess of the majority of the ALES membership. In addition, since becoming aware of Council 82’s desire to disclaim and relinquish its representation, the PBA of New York State has advanced its desire to avoid any unnecessary delays in the alternative election processes and has urged PERB to pursue an expedited resolution and certification. At the moment, PERB has tentatively scheduled its next board meeting for August 19. Our ability to begin negotiating on your behalf, to seek the security and certainty you deserve is limited by the PERB certification processes. The PBA of New York State has heard directly from many of you who have offered your support and interest in events as they develop. We will keep you informed and continue to advance your position and objectives. Thank you for your support and confidence. Please continue to check the website for updates, and as always, be safe.