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PBA representatives testifying at the joint legislative budget hearings

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

PBA representatives will be testifying today at the joint legislative budget hearings held by both the State Senate and Assembly on a number of important PBA initiatives. 

Our testimony will include our support for the PBA’s proposed ¾ accidental disability legislation for our members, heart bill coverage for our State University Police members, as well as increased staffing in all of our units. Today’s hearings will focus on public protection, and we will also testify next week before the hearings focusing on environmental conservation. It is unknown exactly when the today’s PBA speakers (Executive Director and Counsel Dan De Federicis, Vice President Manny Vilar, and Park Police Director Troy Caupain) will appear, but it will likely be after 4pm. 

Click here to view a video of Aaron Gordon, PBA Treasurer and Environmental Conservation Lieutenants Director speaking about the testimony that will be given today.

You can watch the proceedings on-line here or on Spectrum Cable channel 83 on Capital District and other select upstate regions.

We will follow up in the coming days with information about PBA speakers representing our Environmental Conservation Officers and Forest Rangers and their testimony next week.