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More Than A Tradition…

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Recently in a conversation with European relatives, they inquired how the family on this side of the Atlantic was planning to celebrate Thanksgiving.  As I provided details about our traditions it occurred to me how Thanksgiving is a uniquely American holiday.

Those first pilgrims that celebrated in 1621 had much to be thankful for – and so do each of us that are part of the PBA of New York State.

We have a family of 1,100 plus members that share a common bond and commitment. As an independent PBA, we have the freedom to control our decisions and actions.



On a personal note, nothing is more important than those who you love and share your life.  Our day-to-day challenges on the job and as part of a union are minor compared to the well-being of our families. Cherish them, tell them you love them and enjoy life. During this Thanksgiving, I will be recognizing this abundance of gifts, and hope you take time to do the same. 

In addition to giving thanks for my wonderful family, I will be giving thanks for the opportunity to serve you as PBA President, to represent you and advance our members.

Happy Thanksgiving & God Bless,

Manny Vilar