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Forest Rangers Rescue 3 Hikers in Adirondacks

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Forest rangers rescued three hikers in the Adirondacks this past Friday and Saturday. Two men from the Rochester suburbs called DEC dispatchers Friday to report they were stranded on the steep ledges near Rogers Rock Campground along Lake George.

The men, ages 20 and 23, were following a mapping application on their cell phones but realized they could not safely travel the suggested route. Four Forest rangers were sent to Hague in Warren County, where they found the lake still had ice. The rangers told the hikers to walk to an unfrozen portion of the shoreline where they could be reached by airboat. Three hours after the initial call, the pair was returned to their car without injury, the DEC said.

On Saturday, another man from the Rochester area called 911 to report he was on Wright Peak in Keene, Essex County, and unable to find the trail due to harsh winter weather. The 28-year-old hiker said he was unfamiliar with the mountain. DEC dispatchers used his phone coordinates to determine he was on the trail about halfway between the summit and the tree line. One Forest ranger guided the man by phone down a steep rock slab while two other rangers hiked out to the man. He slowly made his way down the trail and eventually met up with the rangers, who escorted him to the Adirondack Loj parking lot.

The hiker was back in his car, uninjured, with two and a half hours of his 911 call, the DEC said.