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Environmental Conservation Officers and Forest Rangers Honored

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

On March 25th, a ceremony and reception was held at the NYSDEC Sub Office in Herkimer NY to honor those Environmental Conservation Officers and Forest Rangers who assisted with the tragic armed standoff and deaths that occurred on March 13, 2013.  

Environmental Conservation Officers Lt Matt Jacoby, Darryl Lucas, Steve Lakeman, Vern Fonda, Corey Schoonover (with K-9 Grizz), Forest Rangers Captain Drew Cavanagh, Lt Scott Murphy, David Cornell, and Adam Pickett found themselves thrust into the middle of an unstable and deadly conflict.  The DEC office in Herkimer was less than one hundred yards from the gunman's location.  Forest Rangers and Environmental Conservation Officers found themselves pinned down in the building where they were providing security for trapped DEC civilian employees when the suspect unexpectedly opened fire from a storefront opposite the DEC facility.  All civilians were eventually evacuated to safe locations. Officers continued to provide site security and logistical support to other law enforcement agencies throughout the incident.


Pictured above, from left to right: Major Tim Duffy, ECO Corey; Schoonover (with K-9 Griz); Capt. Todd Richards; ECO Darryl Lucas; Lt. Matthew Jacoby; ECO Steve Lakeman; Director, Division of Law Enforcement Peter Fanelli; DEC Commissioner Joe Martens; Director, Division of Forest Protection Joseph Zeglen; FR David Cornell; Captain Drew Cavanagh; Lt Scott Murphy; FR Adam Pickett.

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