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CSEA Contract Proposal Goes to Membership

Friday, June 03, 2011

Earlier this afternoon, the Governor and CSEA announced that it had concluded negotiations on a potential five-year labor agreement affecting 66,000 public employees.

The proposal will now be advanced to its membership, and while many are wondering about the detail of the proposal, and its fine print, we know that you are interested in any developing issue potentially impacting public sector employees and more directly ALES members. It is important to note that each negotiation is unique unto its self, and while we make no prediction on the likelihood of ratification or offer any substantive reaction to it on the whole, there are clearly various elements of this proposal that are more favorable than the take-it-or-leave it terms, and wildly unpopular proposal previously advanced by Council 82 to ALES members. In addition, several news reports indicate that the proposal contains various layoff protections and limitations and while not a guarantee against future unforeseen events of legislatively prescribed restructuring it is a significant element and workforce protection. We will continue to review the proposal as details become available. The following links, one from the point of view of CSEA, and a second, from the Governor’s Office were made available by the Albany Times Union and were posted on its Capital Confidential blog today.