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2/24/12 Update: PBA of NYS Members in Action

Friday, February 24, 2012

In this week’s member update, we’d like to highlight two unique instances in which PBA of New York State members responded quickly and bravely to the call of duty.

As we posted earlier this week, DEC forest rangers successfully rescued a hiker who had become separated from his hiking party on Mount Marcy. We’re excited to provide a first-hand account of the mission from Ranger Scott Van Laer which can be heard here. Just yesterday, we learned that Lieutenant Paul Field of the New York State University Police had received a letter of commendation from Enrico L. D’Alessandro, Chief of New York State University Police in acknowledgement of the lieutenant’s response to a serious motor vehicle accident near the SUNY Morrisville campus last week. We encourage you to view the letter of commendation here. It goes without saying that we’re exceptionally proud of these and all other officers who serve and protect their communities every single day. If you know of any other instances in which PBA members have been involved in a significant incident, please email with detailed information.