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The PBA Congratulates Our State University Police Officers at Buffalo State College

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The PBA congratulates our State University Police Officers at Buffalo State College for their outstanding police work resulting in the conviction of a former student for assault in the second degree after he slashed another student during a fight on campus last September.

The jury took just 12 minutes to return the guilty verdict. The PBA specifically congratulates our members Investigators Thomas Einhiple and Renee Polniak, Lieutenants Willard Moreland and Richard Myers, Officers Brian Bidell, Steven Cahoon, Edward Helling and Ryan Roetzer as well as University Police Student Assistant (UPSA) Perry Angoy for their outstanding police work in responding to the incident and the significant investigation that resulted in this conviction.

You can read the Buffalo News article and a Facebook post from the Erie County District Attorney, Michael Flaherty. Our members put their lives on the line every day to protect New York’s citizens, students, and visitors and it is good to see professional police work appreciated and rewarded. Congratulations again to Buffalo State Police Chief Peter Carey and all the police officers and other staff who contributed to this successful effort!