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Real Time Action Update for 8/7/11

Sunday, August 07, 2011

August 7, 2011: We are making progress, however, the process to being designated as the new union representing ALES members across the state is one that has numerous steps and details. The good news is that the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) has scheduled a meeting during which it is anticipated that the PBA of New York State will be certified. The bad news it is still several weeks away – August 19.

However, in the meantime we continue to push forward. Earlier this week we received a letter indicating that PERB had determined that the challenge cards filed earlier this year were of sufficient number to be considered by its board for certification without the need for balloted election. While this may seem like a detail that we all knew, it was important nonetheless because without that designation, PERB would be unable to act on our behalf later this month. Thank you all for your efforts in May and June, you created an alternative path to certification that is already providing dividends. View the letter from PERB here. n Tuesday, representatives from each ALES unit traveled to Albany to meet in our offices located walking distance from the Captiol. While we gathered around a folding table, and we were short a few chairs, it was special. It reminded many of us of what it was like to get our first apartment – it may have a few dings and dents, and has room for improvement, but we were all so proud to be part of something special. * * * Reports of extraordinary effort by our sisters and brothers continue to makes us proud too. The following link is from the Buffalo News and it chronicles the actions of several Park Police to stop incidents of fraud and theft from the people of New York State. Read the full article here. Enjoy your weekend. Be safe.