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Real Time Action Update for 7/22/11

Friday, July 22, 2011

One week ago, we were preparing for the distribution of the Official Ballot from the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB), however by the time the evening was over, it appeared that the PBA of New York State had won by Technical Knock-Out. The challenge was determining what exactly that meant.

One week later we have clarification. The PBA of New York State, your union, will be certified under an alternative election processes. Also, we received from PERB a letter outlining its approach to certification. It can be found here. While the timing and various actions of this week were unanticipated, what put us in the position was something we all have known for a long time – the strength of our common bond. Irrespective of the agency patch that we wear on our sleeves, we are part of a team that showed great resolve and an unwavering commitment to each other. It is important that we maintain that commitment because it is in fact our greatest strength. * * * As news of the PBA of New York State’s apparent victory spread across the state this week, reporters from the Capitol-based press corp were seeking reaction and comment. Dan DeFedericis, the PBA of New York’s Executive Director/Associate Counsel offered his thoughts and during an interview broadcast on the statewide television program Capitol Tonight. His comments can be accessed here. Additionally, Dan was quoted this week in the Albany Times Union which can be found here. * * * The heat wave undoubtedly will bring challenges to assignments this weekend. Be safe.