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Real-Time Action Update for 7/15/11

Friday, July 15, 2011

July 15, 2011: First a few random thoughts about the recently concluded cross state tour… First, thank you for participating. You welcomed us to your communities, underscored your concerns; and reinforced the notion that a union run by members, can deliver for its members.

We are grateful for the hospitality, support and encouragement. You only need to look at the face of an officer – with his daughter in his arms – to know this fight is about something bigger than any one of us can individually muster. Its about all of us, and the common concerns, that we all think about when drinking coffee from a paper cup in the silence of the sun rise, or when clearing snow off our trucks for the third day in a row, or when glancing up at the side of a ridge when the leaves turn from green to red. You deserve a union you can be proud of; that is not only is aware of your concerns but is prepared to act on them; and is committed to the core principals of stability, security, and integrity. * * * The trip odometer on the car read 1,950 miles. Things are not as funny – when you are fully rested – as they are when you have spent a long day in the car. The most comfortable sofa is never really that comfortable, but when a fellow ALES member offers you a free night’s rest that saves the PBANYS from having to use precious funds for a hotel room, you graciously accept. * * * Breaking News that you will find in the Members Only Section: We welcome Woody Erickson, the former president of Local 1873S EnCon Captains and Majors to the PBA of New York State. He resigned from Council 82 effective today. His letter declaring support for the PBA of New York State has been posted in the Members Only section. On Monday, the ballots will be mailed, and you will make a choice about who you want to represent you. Our top priority will be returning to the bargaining table to seek a contract that both reflects your years of effort and dedication to the state; and recognizes that role you will play in the future. In the end, we hope the PBA of New York State has earned your trust. And, respectfully ask for your support and confidence. Be Safe.