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Real-Time Action Update for 7/1/11

Friday, July 01, 2011

The holiday weekend is upon us, however, all across the state, members will be working through the weekend to ensure that the summer crowds remain safe while enjoying the waves at Jones Beach, boating on the Hudson River or Lake Ontario; or pitching a tent in state campgrounds or forests.

Next week we will be traveling across Upstate New York to meet face-to-face in fire halls, fraternal lodges and restaurants. These sessions will begin in Niagara Falls on Wednesday, July 6 and continue across the state.  We will be seeking your feedback and reaction to the campaign, requesting your involvement, and outlining how we can meet your needs. The following week, starting on Monday, July 11 we will continue reaching out by visiting the North County, Hudson Valley, New York City and Long Island. Details about these events are available here.

We appreciate your generous contributions, kind words and thoughtful gestures.  And, we are aware of the outrage you feel at the distortion and negative attacks launched by Council 82 on ALES members, and funded with your own dues. It is truly disappointing to see them lash out at the people they currently represent.

No doubt - the PBA of New York State is picking up steam.  Online traffic continues to build and now tops 450 registrants.  Support for the PBA of New York State is growing because this is your union – run by members for the members it’s great to have so many on board.  Several people have asked how they can show their support of the PBA of New York State.  While it is our hope to fill this request quickly, Check out this link that you can print from your home computer and post in your car, locker, or on a bulletin board.

brief note of congratulations to Dan De Federicis for the honor he recently received from the Troopers PBA for his tremendous work on behalf of law enforcement families across the state.

As you hang the flag at your home this weekend, attend a parade, or marvel at a fireworks display, we remind you that the Fight for Independence was won because of a commitment to a simple, fundamental notion -- Freedom is worth fighting for!

Be Safe.