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PBA Honors Founding President Manny Vilar

Friday, May 05, 2017

Manny Vilar, a Park Police sergeant and founding president of the Police Benevolent Association of New York State Law Enforcement (PBA of NYS) was honored Tuesday in Albany for his years of service and leadership to the union.

Vilar, who was term-limited from the president’s position last year, remains an active PBA of NYS board member. He was recognized for his work at a May 2 legislative reception. More than 150 PBA members and state legislators were in attendance.

Vilar, pictured right with plaque, is pictured the PBA’s University Police Lieutenants Director Scott Marciszewski.

Dan De Federicis, PBA of NYS executive director and counsel since its creation in 2011, said of Vilar, “Manny was one of the few members who did the very heavy lifting during the months leading up to the formation of the union. His leadership was vital in convincing 1,200 police officers of the merits of creating an independent bargaining unit. He has remained a staunch advocate for all of our members.”