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Important Message From The PBA To Please Be Careful

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

We wish our PBA messages this week were limited to wishing you a happy Thanksgiving, but the attacks on police officers are so brazen and becoming all too common that we must implore you to look out for your safety.

As we assume you know, four Police Officers were shot last weekend in different areas of the country and one of them, San Antonio Police Detective Marconi, died after being ambushed by a gunman who pulled up behind him. Marconi was married with three children and was killed while issuing a traffic ticket right in front of Police Headquarters. Fortunately, the other three police officers are expected to survive. A Sanibel, Florida Police Officer issuing a traffic ticket was shot by an occupant from a passing vehicle. A Gladstone, Missouri Police Officer was shot by a passenger who fled after a traffic stop. A St Louis, Missouri Police Sergeant was shot twice in the face as he sat in his patrol vehicle.

Just last night, a Wayne State University (Michigan) police officer was shot in the head while investigating possible thefts from vehicles. He is currently fighting for his life in the hospital. We grieve for all police officers who are attacked, but when officers who work in jobs similar to the four PBA titles are targeted, those tragedies are certainly even more close to home.

It is important to know that all of these officers, as well as many before them, were shot while on a "routine" patrol or initiating seemingly low level police action such as issuing traffic tickets. You must maintain a 360 degree awareness of your surroundings at all times. And there certainly is no such thing as "routine patrol" or "just a traffic ticket". Police officers are being targeted in this country, and to make things worse there seems to be an increase in shootings to the face and head area.

We cannot urge you enough to be vigilant for your safety and for fellow officers. We have entered a new era in policing and it's a deadly one. This is not the last communication or effort you will receive from the PBA on this crucial subject, but we at least wanted to remind you that those in police uniforms are seen as targets by too many deranged people and you owe it to yourself and your families to ensure you are working with an extra level of awareness and safety.