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Environmental Conservation Officers and Investigators efforts succeed in illegal ivory case

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dan De Federicis, Executive Director of the NYS PBA stated he is extremely proud of the work Environmental Conservation Officers and Investigators accomplish in protecting our fish and wildlife.  “Taking $2 million of elephant ivory off the black market in one operation underscores the magnitude of the impact a small dedicated force can have while focused upon their mission to prevent profiteering from the illegal exploitation of our fish and wildlife.”

For current enforcement and historical perspective we have 15 Uniformed ECOs and 2 investigators assigned to cover all of NYC where the ivory was seized.  Their responsibilities include enforcing all laws that protect the public and our environment against air, land and water pollution, fish & wildlife protection including the commercial and recreational marine fishing industry, and navigation safety. 

District Attorney Vance announces guilty please of dealers for selling illegal elephant ivory.

Watch this Dateline episode from 2009 covering the role of the “ECO Cop” in New York City.