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Binghamton, Syracuse, Albany and Saratoga Information Session Recap

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

                On the road to the North Country...

Friday sessions in Central New York and the Southern Tier - Monday in the Capital District. The cross state tour reinforces the messages each of us has heard in our own communities and agencies.

It would be easy for the focus of these sessions to be negative, however, what is coming through is the hopeful nature that ALES members have for the future.

It is as if we are all reading a bad novel, and concluding a horrible chapter. However, with the assistance of the PBA of New York State and the top-flight team it has put together, new pages are being written every day.

Together, let's ensure that every one of the 1153 eligible ALES members is aware that ballots will be mailed next Monday, July 18, and make our voices heard!

Some initial election details and reminders:

  • The election will be conducted by secret mail ballot;
  • Read step-by step instructions carefully;
  • Do not make any additional marks on the ballot other than
  • [X] next to the Police Benevolent Association of New York State, Inc. Any additional markings, notes or messages may disqualify your ballot;
  • Your packet of materials will include a pre-stamped envelope to allow you to immediately return your ballot once you have cast your vote.

Below are few more snapshots of your colleagues from around the state.

Declaring independence will require each of us to remain committed to each other; and from what we are seeing the common bond is stronger than forged steel.